Associate Photographer Peter Martin

An accomplished artist at a young age, Peter has always been involved in the arts. He attended the NYU Film School (alma mater of Spike Lee and Oliver Stone) to study filmmaking, and thereafter studied classical music composition, but later found a perfect fit for his personality and creativity in wedding photography. Unlike other art forms in which the artist has as much time as he or she needs to craft the final product, documentary wedding photography requires an ability to be creative in a split second, a responsiveness to the moment (whatever that moment might be), and a comfortability with a wide range of personalities. Peter believes wedding photography is a fluid art, more similar to improvisational jazz than anything else. His clients rave that he’s easy to get along with, brings an contagious energy and enthusiasm, and that they’re always surprised by the creative angles and expressions he was able to find while documenting the myriad moments of their wedding.

Peter has been photographing weddings as a primary photography since 2009, and joined Eric McCallister Photography in 2014.

Check out some of Peter's work in his Associate Gallery, and contact us if you would like more information!