Best of 2016 Wedding Photography

2016 was another fantastic year filled with great couples, beautiful venues and so many incredible wedding days. This “best of” blog post is long overdue, but with 2017 weddings now upon us, and those weddings poised to be shared, here we go!

From beaches to lakes to mountains, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York, I was all over the place doing my best to document the big and little moments for my clients. So much of what I do is observing and documenting the things that take place from getting ready through the raucous dance floor shenanigans. A big piece of the day is also creating beautiful portraits for the couple. Many of the images below are from those often brief moments that we have to sneek away and make some pictures.

It’s impossible to share everything in one post, so this is a collection of images that I really like and enjoyed making. To see more images from many of these weddings (I know, I have not blogged them all YET!), go here. Otherwise, scroll down and take a peek of some of what we got up to last year!