A Mount Washington Engagement Session – Megan &Craig

Megan and Craig had big plans for their engagement session. While it’s pretty common for couples to think of pretty gardens, beaches or favorite hangouts when planning their session, Megan and Craig instead wanted to hike Mount Washington with their dog. You see, they are avid hikers, and seem most at home in wide open spaces. So, when they brought this idea to me, I was all in and super psyched for it. So, I met up with them on a Friday morning in October at Pinkham Notch and we set off up the mountain!

We chatted on the way up to Tuckerman Ravine, and paused at the ranger station for some pictures before continuing up the headwall. At the alpine garden the wind hit us and the temperature plummeted. This did not phase Megan and Craig, and they changed outfits (as did I… I added a coat, hat and gloves!) for some panoramic portraits with the Whites spread out below us. It was cold, and less that ideal, but they soldiered through, and it was definitely worth it. We did not press on to the summit, but instead continued down the Lions Head Trail back towards Pinkham.

It was a great day in the mountains — as most are — and so much fun to photograph Megan and Craig in the mountains. For all of us, it’s one of the places we are most at home! Below are a few images from the adventure…