Delivering Digital Media

Back “in the day,” I delivered images to clients on painstakingly designed and printed CDs and DVDs. That was when computers even had optical drives. A number of years ago I switched to USB thumb drives for image delivery. While many photographers have moved on to digital download for their clients (and I also do this at times), there is something satisfying about being able to mail a client a physical “thing”. To that end, I still believe in sending couples a thumb drive of their memories, packaged up with a thank you note. I have gone through various iterations of drives… from custom made versions to off-the-shelf generic media. My current, and favorite design so far are these wooden thumb drives sent to me by USB Memory Direct. While I cannot claim that these are “all natural,” I love that they minimize the use of plastics, making them a more earth-friendly option than my previous drives!

Disclaimer: While I’ve been a paying USB Memory customer for years, and will continue to be, they supplied these new test drives at no charge.