Jaclyne & Jesse: Mountain View Grand Wedding

I am very excited to share Jaclyne and Jesse’s wedding, which took place at the incredible Mountain View Grand hotel in Whitefield, NH, nestled deep in the White Mountains. These two could not have been any more fun to photograph. They were both so excited for the day, and so open to us. And energetic, so much energy! So, without further adieu, I present Jaclyne and Jesse…


When I arrived, Jaclyne greeted me with a huge smile, one that I knew I was going to see many more times that day. She was also fully dressed in her gown… Only two+ hours before the ceremony. No problem. More time for portraits!

Below Jaclyne’s mom adds a finishing touch and fastens her pearl necklace…


And, Jaclyne’s sister Alyssa makes one final adjustment… and shares one of those “I’m so proud of you” looks…


While the ladies finished getting ready, the flowers arrived. Aren’t they lovely?


I posed Jaclyne in from of the window overlooking the golf course with a “grand view” of the White Mountains. The light was fantastic, and there is that infectious smile again…


And one more that I like a lot…


While I was clicking away, David was doing the same with Jesse and his groomsmen. I am not sure I have ever seen so many guys in one small hotel room. There were eight groomsman, a groom, a friend and a second photographer. Wow!


So, with so many people in one room, and excitement over the pending nuptials, what to do other than champagne toasts and some acrobatics!!!


And a detail shot to join the portrait of a dashing groom before heading out to the church.


Back at Jaclyne’s room, her father/chauffeur arrived to escort his daughter to the church also.


I love this shot of Jaclyne and her bridesmaids leaving the hotel. Even in wide angle you can’t miss that smile!


At the church Jesse eagerly awaited the entrance of his bride, which she grandly made through the backlit doors of the church…


And coming down the isle. Did you get the shot, David 🙂


The service was very touching with readings from family and friends, and a lovely song sung by Jaclyne’s mother. But, it is looks that brides and grooms so often share during ceremonies that I find so wonderful. So intimate, so real.


Following the service, Jaclyne and Jesse made their way back up the Mountain View Grand’s winding drive by way of a horse drawn carriage. Here they are pulling up to the hotel and their eagerly awaiting guests…


Following formal family portraits, we were able to sneak away for some more intimate couple portraits. Below are several of my favorites.



Then it was a quick duck inside to the grand ballroom for some images of the room and details while guests enjoyed a cocktail hour on the front porch. Here are just a couple…


Time for entrances! With such a large wedding party it could take awhile, however, everyone was so much fun. Below are a few of my favorite entrances by their attendants…


Followed by Jaclyne and Jesse’s big entrance…


Which led into their first dance as husband and wife…



I love this image of the end of their dance with Jaclyne’s grandparents looking on.


So many great stories came to life during the toasts given by Jaclyn’s father, sister and the best man. Below, Alyssa regales the crowd with a story of growing up with her big sister, as Jesse listens intently…


…and then she delivers the gut-buster! I have so many images of Jaclyne smiling and laughing, though this triptych has to be my favorite among them all!


Toasts finished, dinner served, time to dance!


The party culminated with the crowding lifting up the bride and groom onto their shoulders during a floor-thumping rendition of Sweet Caroline by the live band. College colors even found their way onto the floor. There was so much energy at this moment you felt like the party could have gone on forever.


But, my three hour drive home was grateful that it did not go on forever! I’ll end with this final night time portrait out in front of the hotel.


Thank you so much Jaclyne and Jesse for having us at your wedding. You were both so much fun to spend the day with. And thank you David for your help!