Two Generations at Hampton Beach // NH Family Photographer

Last night I headed out to Hampton Beach, NH for a family session that was a little different. Jacqui contacted me to photograph her and her siblings, and also her own children. Having just recently froze my fanny off on a similar evening with my family in NJ, I knew it would probably be windy and chilly, but we’d probably have nice even light, and also that the kids would not tolerate much of it! I was right, so I started them off with a little race on the beach to get warmed up while we waited for Jacqui’s sisters and brother to arrive. We did a few portraits, and then the kids departed to warm up. I was shown a portrait that Jacqui’s parents had taken of the kids in nearly the exact same spot many years ago, so, we set off to create an “updated” version of that shot, plus get a few new ones. Here are a few of my favorites from the session. Enjoy!