One-on-One and Small Group Lighting Classes

If you’ve seen a few of my sessions here on the blog, then you’ve probably noticed that I really enjoy working around sunset and afterwards. The colors during these “darker” hours are often very rich and the light is much more dramatic. While a beautiful naturally lit portrait is always a must have, adding night time and “lit” portraits to a collection adds variety and loads of opportunity to think and shoot creatively. Below are images of Ellen and Bryan from a small group lighting class last week. We covered all kinds of stuff from light modifiers to numerous on-location shooting techniques.

If you’re a professional photographer interested in some of these techniques but aren’t sure where to start, what you need, or want to practice and push yourself without having to experiment on your paying clients, contact me. I do a hand full of one-on-one and small group lighting classes each year, and I always look forward to geeking out on lighting.