A Grand Cayman Island Wedding – Ashley & Jim

Every winter Rebecca and I pack up the kids and head south towards the equator for some family fun in the sun. And every year as I wander around palm trees I secretly — or not so secretly — wish that I had a couple to photograph, maybe even a wedding. Don’t get me wrong, I spend plenty of time photographing my family, and at the time there is no one else on earth I would rather be with. But, I kind of see the world framed for a photograph, and as much as I love the Caribbean I always wanted to shoot a wedding down there. Enter Ashley and Jim. Last summer I photographed their engagement in Newburyport, and this winter I was invited along to the Cayman Islands to document their wedding. Psyched! It was only made better because of how much I like these two. We had so much fun on the engagement session I was giddy over the prospects of their island wedding. So, two weeks ago — after not bothering to go to bed after Katie and Chris’s wedding — Rebecca and I boarded a plane headed to paradise, otherwise known as Cayman Kai on Grand Cayman Island. We had lots of time to catch up on that missed night of sleep, but we didn’t sit still for long. It was a busy week filled with sun, sand, sea turtles, stingrays, margaritas, oh, and a wedding. It was hot. We were sweaty. And it was one amazing day! We were accepted into the clan of near 70 attendees immediately, and enjoyed every moment of the week on the island with them. Ashley and Jim nailed everything about this wedding, and I am so fortunate to have been along for the ride. What follows is one of my longest posts ever, so sit back and take it all in… I think you’ll enjoy! Oh, and if you missed Part 1, here you go!








Thank you Ashley and Jim and their families for bringing us down to the islands. A big thank you also to my wife Rebecca for helping me with organizathion and lighting! Great work also by the following folks (I’ll add more when I get all of the information!):