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A day with Kismet Rock Foundation


I love climbing; everything about it. The freedom, the self reliance, the places it’s taken me, the people I’ve met and suffered with… and so much more, including sometimes fear of failing or falling, which are not the same thing in climbing. Climbing, in so many ways, can be a metaphor for life… we all start in the same place, but where you go, what you do along the way, and how you go about doing it vary widely. To be safe when climbing, there are certain basic skills needed… you can live your life recklessly and ignorant, or you can also educate yourself, listen to others who have done what you aspire to do, and practice, practice, practice… and live a free and exciting life. Kismet Rock Foundation teaches the latter. They share the sport of rock climbing with lucky kids each summer, teaching them so many life skills through the art of climbing. I am psyched to support what they do, and to have the chance each summer to spend some time with the kids and instructors photographing them. Below are images from time spent with Kismet this past August. If you don’t know of Kismet Rock Foundation, check them out, and consider supporting them. You’ll feel good doing it!