Shooting in New Orleans

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to travel down to New Orleans to second shoot a couple of weddings with my good friend Roddy Orgeron. Roddy had come up to photograph a White Mountain wedding with me last summer, so I was delighted to head south to the French Quarter and shoot alongside him. Second shooting is always a lot of fun, and I don’t get the opportunity too much any more, but it gives you an opportunity to relax a little and really focus on shooting creatively. Maybe try something new, and in this case, experience something totally new. You see, a New Orleans wedding is nothing like a New England wedding. The pace is faster, the traditions unique, and the parties are fierce. I loved it. Everything about it. The couple was wonderful to spend time with, the second line parade through the French Quarter was so much fun, the party was non-stop, and even spilled over onto Bourbon street well into the night. And Bourbon Street… that’s an experience all on it’s own! It’s kind of visually overwhelming, maybe full on sensory overload. Roddy ran around well within his comfort zone, while I was constantly caught staring and the next crazy thing that I had never seen before. I definitely look forward to heading back. Here are a few of my favorite images from the trip, and thank you again, Roddy, for having me along!


Photography: Eric McCallister Photography for Roddy Orgeron Photography