A Newburyport Portrait Session – Kim & Christian

Last week I connected with Kim and Christian in Newburyport, MA for some portraits in town and out on the beach at Plum Island. I have always enjoyed shooting in and around Newburyport. There are so many cool little spots around town, with the added bonus if a beautiful sand beach just down the road. Toss a fun couple into the mix, and a recipe for a great evening. We began just wandering around downtown for a bit, ultimately ending up by the water. We then drove out to Plum Island — although stopped along the way when I noticed the water was super calm and the color in the sky was gorgeous. I’m from the mid-Atlantic, so I am used to sand dunes and soft, sandy beaches. While I do love the rocky New England coastline here in NH, oh how I like a nice sand beach, and Plum Island is one of my favorites. Kim and Christian were great to work with, and below are a handful of my favorites from the session…