Ready to be Inspired!

I am very excited to share that I will be speaking again this coming winter at Inspire Photo Retreats in Newport, Rhode Island. If you are a photographer and have not heard of Inspire, crawl out from under your rock and check it out! Inspire is a wonderful multi-day photographers’ conference, which offers lectures, shooting workshops and mass amounts of networking and inspiration. And the speaking lineup just keeps getting better and better. Were I not speaking myself, I would definitely be there anyway to hear from these other amazing photogs presenting


I will be teaching a class called “Getting Creative with Off Camera Flash”, which isn’t the most creative name, but it sums up it up pretty well. I hear from photographers all the time looking to up there flash game. This class is all about that. Introducing techniques and modifiers, then getting students to use them to create a handful of images for review. This is hands on shooting that will have you walking away with skills to add to your daily bag of tricks. I think it’s going to be good fun, and I know I am very excited.

Header photo by my good friend and the super talented Doug Levy Photography. Inset portrait by the equally talented Patrick McNamara. Thanks guys!