A Grand Cayman Wedding Part 1 – Andie & David

A couple of weeks ago I returned home from a week away on Grand Cayman Island in the Caribbean for Andie and David’s incredible wedding. Aside from a little immigration hiccup upon arrival, my good friend Matt Grazier and I had an incredible week, starting with a welcome BBQ dinner. The following afternoon joined Andie and some of the other wedding guests for a dive and snorkel trip to the USS Kittiwake, an off shore wreck. The next morning we were all back on board for another snorkel trip and excursion to Stingray City. That evening, yet another boat ride, this time for a sunset cruise prior to the rehearsal and welcome dinner. The following day was the wedding, but you’ll have to wait for Part 2 to see that awesomeness. For now, check out some of the pre-wedding activities from Andie and David’s  wedding week…

2015-08-12_0001 2015-08-12_0002 2015-08-12_0003 2015-08-12_0004 2015-08-12_0005

The next afternoon I joined Andie and a bunch of her family and friends for a diving and snorkeling trip to the USS Kittiwake. It was a rough way to spend a day, but somehow I managed 🙂
2015-08-12_0006 2015-08-12_0007 2015-08-12_0008 2015-08-12_0009 2015-08-12_0010 2015-08-12_0011 2015-08-12_0012 2015-08-12_0013The next morning, both Matt and I joined everyone for another snorkeling trip and excursion to the famous Stingray City. This wasn’t my first trip to stingray City, but it was just as amazing as the first time, if a little more crowded. It was so much fun seeing everyone’s expressions and reactions as the interacted with and held the huge stingrays…

2015-08-12_0014 2015-08-12_0015 2015-08-12_0016 2015-08-12_0017 2015-08-12_0018 2015-08-12_0019 2015-08-12_0020 2015-08-12_0021 2015-08-12_0022 2015-08-12_0023 2015-08-12_0024 2015-08-12_0025

That evening we all headed out on another catamaran for a rehearsal dinner sunset cruise. I believe this evening defines awesome wedding festivities. Steel drums on deck, turquoise water lapping against the hull of a huge catamaran, and a spectacular sunset. Yeah, I could get used to that! A lovely cocktail hour and dinner followed, welcoming everyone to the island and to the wedding taking place the next day…2015-08-12_0026 2015-08-12_0027 2015-08-12_0028 2015-08-12_0029 2015-08-12_0030 2015-08-12_0031 2015-08-12_0032 2015-08-12_0033 2015-08-12_0034 2015-08-12_0035 2015-08-12_0036 2015-08-12_0037 2015-08-12_0038 2015-08-12_0040 2015-08-12_0041 2015-08-12_0042 2015-08-12_0043