A Crowne Plaza Wedding – Donna & Chris

Donna and Chris were married this past Fall at a small church in Litchfield, NH, and they celebrated with a reception at the Crowne Plaza in Nashua. Aside from having a great day with these two, it was made extra awesome because I was joined by my good friend Roddy Orgeron Photography for the weekend! We met up with Donna and Chris as they were getting ready. They made time for a first look at the hotel before the ceremony. On our way to the church we stopped at the Anheuser Busch campus in Merrimack, NH for portraits. After the ceremony, we all headed back to the Crowne Plaza for dinner and dancing. UNH mascot Gnarlz even made an appearance! We wrapped up the evening with a few more night portraits out front. Here are some of my favorite images from the day…

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Thank you Donna and Chris for having us along for your wedding celebration. A huge thanks also to Roddy Orgeron Photography coming up from New Orleans for joining me. Great work by the following folks: