A Shalin Liu Wedding – Sarah & Robert

Sarah and Robert were married in Rockport, MA last year at the Shalin Liu Performance Center. I have photographed a couple of weddings here, and must admit that is is a spectacularly dramatic venue. The stage overlooks the water with floor to ceiling windows. It’s a pretty amazing place to be.

I first met Sarah and Robert at their engagement session in the Spring, also in Rockport. They were in town for wedding “business” and we were able to coordinate getting together. I had a ball that day wandering around and empty Rockport — which I had never seen before — and knew immediately that the wedding was going to be a blast too.

I met up with them both as they were getting ready nearby, before we all headed to the Shalin Liu for the ceremony, which was followed by their reception upstairs. In between, we headed down to the stone pier with Sarah, Robert and their families for some portraits by the water.

Back inside, the reception kicked off in full-on party mode following toasts and dinner. The kids tried to steal the show, but the grown ups stole it back and the kiddos’ energy began to crash. It was a great party, and I am thrilled to share some of my favorite images below…

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Thank you Sarah and Robert for having me at your wedding. It was great to spend the day with you and your family and friend. Great to work by the following folks: