A Bliss Ridge Farm Wedding – Kelly & Michael

Kelly and Michael’s Bliss Ridge Farm wedding this past summer may or may not have been the hottest weekend of the year. Okay, it was in fact the hottest weekend of the year, but there was no better place to be than this lovely mountain farm! Kelly and Michael’s wedding combined a gorgeous location, a down home feel, unique entertainment, and a slew of great people!

I started the day with Michael and his groomsmen as they were getting ready… well, as they were having lunch then playing some pool in the air-conditioned first floor of the house they rented. The vibe was pretty relaxed, which is always nice. It helped also that Michael is a super laid back guy. Next I headed over the to the house where the ladies were getting ready. Upon arrival, Kelly and her bridesmaids were relaxing in the shade of the wrap-around porch, too! At this point I pretty much knew this was going to be an awesome day. Kelly’s sister helped her get dressed, then we all headed over to Bliss Ridge Farm for the wedding ceremony.

Their ceremony was a short walk across the field and up the hill, and I enjoyed the stroll with guests under their sun umbrellas. Joining everyone for the day was Two Way Crossing, a country band from Nashville. They were awesome, which I will get back to, but we had a good chuckle waiting for Kelly… “So, we don’t really play weddings… what type of music should we be playing now?” It was great. I believe they pulled out some Tom Petty as background music for guests. So good. The ceremony itself was short and sweet. A highlight was seeing Michael’s face when he first saw Kelly crest the hill with her father. Following the ceremony, we were able to spend a little time up on the hill for portraits before heading back to the barn. Kelly and Michael were so sweet together, and so generous of their time. It was a pleasure spending this time with them, and the images of them walking down to the barn and their guests are among my very favorites of the year.

Down the hill, cocktails were served in the lawn, and most people enjoyed the cooling evening air. Once inside, everyone was ready to party. A few dances and toasts, and a fabulous BBQ dinner concluded, Two Way Crossing took over. As far as wedding entertainment goes, they were the highlight of the year for me. Not your typical party band, Jenny and Blake — the lead singers — were obviously seasoned entertainers. They were so much fun to watch and hear. And Kelly and Michael and their guests got into the groove too. I did manage to pull Kelly and Michael away for sunset, however, and we wandered back up the hill to where the ceremony was held. I truly love these moments when we can sneak away. It is usually so much more relaxed compared to earlier in the day, and it was a please to take a walk and watch the sunset over the Green Mountains with Kelly and Michael.

All-in-all it was an amazing day. One with truly unique accents, and spent with two truly wonderful people. Below are some of my favorite images from their day….

Thanks you Kelly and Michael for having me along to document your day. You threw a fantastic a very memorable bash, and I am so psyched that I had the opportunity to share in it! Great work by the following folks…