Best of 2018 Wedding Photography

2018 was a fantastic year filled with amazing people and events. I count myself as one of the “lucky ones,” getting invited in to document a couple’s big day, being surround by so much excitement, emotion, and celebration. While every wedding day is different, they all generally have one thing in common… they are filled with genuine moments that are a joy to photograph!

Each year I click the shutter tens, no, hundreds of thousands of times. Those “clicks” are carefully culled into collections of images for my clients. Going back through those collections at the end of the season is a wonderful experience for me. Just like how clients say they enjoy reliving their big day through their photographs, I get to also relive those experiences and feelings. I love going back and being reminded of all the big — and little — moments that made up the past wedding season. Of course, I always find myself drawn to so many images that this annual Best Of post becomes enormous. But, if you take a few minutes to scroll through, I think you will find it worth it.

Without further delay, below are my personal favorite images from the 2018 wedding season. A huge thank you to all of these clients who hired me to record their day, and who welcomed me into their lives on a such a big day!