Album Covers

So, it’s time to design your album, and part of that process is selecting your cover material. The following are the cover options available for you. If you’d like to upgrade to more pages, you can do that too.

COVER OPTIONS: There are numerous cover options available, including Leather, Faux Leather, Silk and Fabric options. All options are available for Wedding Albums. Parent Albums and Photo Books can choose from all Non-Leather (i.e. Faux Leather, Linen, Fabric and Velvet). Scroll down to view all of the options.

UPGRADES: 2 Extra Pages: $50 | 10 Extra Pages: $250 | 20 Extra pages: $450

ECO FRIENDLY: All albums are made by hand by skilled workers in the U.S. Albums are constructed from as many natural, post consumer and recyclable materials as possible. No hides from tanneries where working conditions are too poor are used. There are many fabric selections for those who don’t want leather. Faux Leather are all PVC free. All packaging is made from 100% recyclable materials.

All-natural classic, metallic and distressed types. May vary from hide to hide.

All-natural with touchable surface designs; may vary from hide to hide.

Earth-friendly, with the look and durabilty of leather; PVC-free.

Choice of light, natural or thicker, blended weaves.

A mix of textures, from crisp buckram to silky Asahi.

Luxurious traditional and textured choices.