Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the questions that I am most often asked. You no doubt have specific questions, and I would love to hear them. Please contact me, or, better yet, give me a call at 603.733.4575.

I’m a visual storyteller, along to re-tell your story through one-of-a-kind, creative imagery. I create these images using an approach that I call Creative Documentary. I work as unobtrusively as possible to capture events and emotions from a unique perspective, combining what I believe to be the best aspects of photojournalism and classic portraiture, but with a modern twist. My style is fluid. I don’t photograph off of lists (except for group portraits) or try to recreate other peoples’ pictures. I let your day unfold as it may, occasionally stepping “into the scene” to provide a bit of direction. In the end, you will receive a collection of photographs that are all your own, and a true representation of who you are.

I have photographed well over 400 weddings at venues all over New England and beyond. Today, I photograph approximately 30 weddings each year, which keeps me busy but still able to focus on every client and their big day.

Nope, lots of couples choose not to do an engagement session. But, I don’t think you will be disappointed if you do schedule one! These sessions are great for getting to know one another, as well as getting a sense for what it’s like to be in front of the camera. I like to do engagement sessions at locations that matter to you, so that the session isn’t just about getting some nice pictures for your save the date, it’s about documenting another part of your story outside of the wedding day. Is there a favorite beach, park or bar you like going to? Are you getting married in the mountains but live in the city? Wherever means the most to you, or whatever activity is your combined passion, is what I live to photograph. No couple that ever did an engagement session regretted it, and most have found themselves even more excited about their wedding day photos, which is music to my ears.

No, I’ve shot many weddings without a second photographer working with me. However, I firmly believe that the overall coverage is better with two photographers. It is also highly recommended if you are having a large wedding, the schedule of your day is tight, or if you have multiple locations we’ll be traveling to during the day. I’d love to speak to you about the advantages of including a second shooter in your package, and if it makes sense for you.

I shoot professional Canon mirrorless camera bodies and L-Series prime and zoom lenses. I always have at least two cameras with me and multiple lenses ranging from 15mm to 200mm. I am a believer in redundancy, which is why I save every image to two memory cards — I’m not putting all of your “eggs” in one “basket”. Additionally, I always carry at least four flashes in order to evenly light large groups and produce dramatic lighting. For those really interested in this, you can see a partial equipment list here.

I will usually send you a small selection of images the night of, or day after, your wedding. All of your images will be ready for viewing online in 6 to 8 weeks following your wedding, though often sooner. If part of your package, you will receive your high resolution files via digital download at the same time. With these files you receive unlimited personal use rights, including making prints, emailing to friends and posting online.

While the final collection of images always varies, a good estimate is approximately 75 images per hour of shooting. So, eight hours of wedding coverage on average yields 600-700 images.

Of course. Along with your high resolution files, you will receive a print release letter that authorizes you to make prints on your own. You can also share your files with your family and post your favorites to social media if you choose. For your convenience, along with the high resolution files, I also include a set of low-resolution, web-ready files that are more suitable for emailing or posting online.

Absolutely! I love to travel for weddings, whether is be throughout New England or beyond. I have photographed weddings all over New England, south to New Orleans, west to Wyoming, as well as in the Caribbean.

Locally, all travel up to 100 miles one way is included. Beyond 200 miles total there is a $1 per mile travel fee. Locations beyond 100 miles away may require additional travel expenses, such as hotel, meals and other incidental fees depending on the circumstances of your event. I’d be happy to custom quote travel for your celebration.

If you’ve decided that I’d be a good fit for you, I’ll provide you with a contract electronically by way of your own secure client website outlining the details of your photography package. If all looks good to you, you can digitally sign the contract. I ask for a 1/3 retainer to fully lock in the date, which can be paid via check or credit card through the website after signing the contract.

Absolutely! And I am more than happy to provide a certificate of coverage (COI) to your venue if requested.

If for some reason I am too sick or injured (which I can honestly say has never happened… I even photographed a wedding the day after having three pins placed in a broken thumb once!) and cannot shoot your wedding, I have a plan. In this scenario I will present you with a portfolio from one of my trusted associates. You will then have the option to go with the replacement photographer or receive a full refund.*

*A full refund less any expenses already incurred, such as engagement session, photo book received, etc., for example.